Obituaries for Lovejoys have been penned numerous times over the years but the old girl always gets back up off the canvas and commences to throwing punches just when she’s been counted out.

Her charms are many:

Like any good dive bar the beer is ice cold and dirt cheap. There are floozies as well as prudes afoot with their respective suitors in hot pursuit of some womanly company. A hot pot of coffee sits on one end of the bar filled with a good Vienna roast, if you’ve been blunted and need to put an edge back on your head.

I’m most comfortable surrounded by bikers and Lovejoy’s does not disappoint in this respect. It is, at it’s heart, a biker bar. I always put my hog out front and don’t have to worry about anyone knocking it over with their station wagon or anything untoward like that happening.

Like any good dive bar it might get a little rough and tumble now and again. Ask Nick Stahl, the actor from the Terminator. He strolled in like a rock star one night, got a little drunk and mouthy and found himself in a heap on the sidewalk out front.

Minus a flip flop-which is now nailed up over the bar.

Of course there was also the time an Irish wake got a little rowdy. One mourner decided to ride his bike in and do a little Born Losers style burn out in front of the stage.

Everybody marks the passing of a friend in different ways I suppose.

Lovejoy’s Tap Room really muscled above the fray a few years back when they hired Todd Henry a local brewing savant who’s at the forefront of the local craft beer movement. Try one of Mr. Henry’s Dr. Shock IPAs or at the other end of the spectrum, have a staff favorite can of Pearl with a lime.

When I have friends come in from out of town wanting an Austin experience I always take them down to Lovejoys for an evening of cold beer and Butthole Surfers on the jukebox.

It’s the perfect followup to the ritual pilgrimage to Taylor for some brisket and sausage and our cities’ bars simply don’t get any more authentically “Austin”.

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Hours of operation

Mon-Sat 4pm-2am

Sun 2pm-2am

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