Tony Yamanaka, the marketing coordinator for Austin’s Better Business Bureau has founded a non-profit to advance the Austin food cart scene.

The Food Trailer Alliance is a coalition of food truck owners and operators teaming up so they may share knowledge and resources in their field of expertise. The first thing that occurs to me is that a group of like minded owners all working in the same field could do some group buying at incredibly discounted rates.

100 briskets versus 5 or 1000 pounds of potatoes versus 50.

Sharing critical data on such important facets of the business as lunchtime operating versus evening operating or discussing food cart saturation of certain neighborhoods versus other areas of Austin that are woefully underserved.

The variables are endless.

Worrisome issues may also present themselves.

Imagine corporate honcho Tom Ramsey of the Snappy Snacks empire dolling himself up in full drag to infiltrate a meeting.

His attempts to squelch the competition have been well documented [comments below]

Of course he got his payback [comments below]

Mr. Yamanaka also runs a website devoted to Austin food carts. I’ll put a hotlink up to it in comments below.

Any questions you may have regarding The Food Trailer Alliance are answered on the site.

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