Often times when you’re in serious research mode you have to travel afield to glean the finest prospects of the given category.

While the history of the building Randy’s Ice House dwells within goes all the way to 1950 you’ve only been able to kick back with a cold beer since 1977. $8 will get you a sizeable flat top griddled burger, a bag of chips and as much ice tea as you care to drink. Entertainment on a recent afternoon came in the form of a spirited pool match between two elderly mujeres drinking pitcher after pitcher…..of tea.

I wouldn’t want either one of them to get sideways on me as they both look like they mean business. When one shoots the other one paces back and forth slapping her pool cue into her open palm with a flat crack, all the while keeping the commentary nice and saucy.

The burger is a good one. I suspect the use of teriyaki or perhaps soy sauce, a bit of exotica in Taylor Texas.

1321 W 2nd St

Taylor Texas



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