I reckon in its’ own way the Deep South starts out near Beaumont Texas. This is where the restaurants start serving sweet tea, fried catfish and hushpuppies is commonplace and the back windows of pick up trucks often feature the rebel flag along with Hank III and David Alan Coe stickers.

Southern Foodways Alliance has commissioned numerous films celebrating the food culture of the Southern States. By their metric the American South ends somewhere around western Louisiana but I think the east most part of Texas should be included.

The films cover many topics, all fascinating if you love good cooking and good storytelling. * Squirrel Hunting

* Vietnamese fishing communities along the Gulf Coast

* Whole hog barbecue in Hemingway South Carolina

* Buttermilk farming in rural Tennessee

* The mutton belt of western Kentucky

* A boutique cheese farm in Alabama

* Willie Mae’s Scotch House and the fried chicken queen of New Orleans

* The fried pies of Nashville Tennessee

* Texas gets recognition! A film about sausage in Elgin

* An Eastern Kentucky gentleman tomato farmer

I’ve watched the majority of these documentaries and they are well worth your time. Here’s the link to the page where they are archived:


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