Working in the food and beverage industry means that any recreational eating that you can wiggle in often times has to be done during the day before your shift starts.

I’ve pow wowed with lots of chefs and bartenders around town who are well aware of what Chef Raymond Tatum is accomplishing out of his cart in the parking lot of East End Wines over on Rosewood Street….they just haven’t been able to get by there because they’re working during his operating hours.

That’s all about to change.

I headed on over to East End Wines twitter feed this morning to see what new wines they’d gotten in and lo and behold; Three Little Pigs is about to start opening for lunch.

No word on when but I’ll put the hotlink up in comments below so y’all can check out the good news for yourself.

The East Side just got a new and major player for lunch time.

All Three Little Pigs coverage here:

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