Hard on the heels of Vencil Mare’s opening his Taylor Cafe, Louie Mueller stepped into the fray in 1949 and soon began putting out some very fine barbecue.

Ten years later in 1959 he moved into the location that the meat house still calls home at 206 west 2nd street in downtown Taylor.

The 1992 passing of Mr. Mueller may have briefly slowed the operation but son Bobby had been a mainstay of the business since 1974 so there was never a question that the legendary smoke house would stay the brisket and sausage course. Son Bobby Mueller passed as well in 2008 leaving Wayne Mueller to carry on the family tradition, a role that he accepted with gusto taking the restaurant to new levels with appearances at the wildly popular Roadfood festival in New Orleans.

Three generations of Muellers have cemented the families’ legacy which has come to represent the mountain top of barbecue in the United States-which means the world.

Yesterday’s visit found the brisket to be in top form with the signature black pepper crust riding a crusty, caramelized ridge of delicious beef fat. I asked for outside slice from the point and the meat cutter was more than happy to oblige.

It was profoundly delicious.

206 W. Second Street

Taylor Texas


(512) 352-6206

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