Don’t let the plain exterior fool you. Inside beats the heart of one of the very best brisket houses in Central Texas.

I’m ordinarily no fan of mesquite smoked barbecue but pit boss Rev. James A. Davis Jr transforms the lowly brush into a very fine fire wood. Bought far enough in advance down in Shiloh Texas to achieve a good cure, this is not the oily, smoky wood that’s given mesquite a bad name.

Drive across railroad tracks, pass the granaray, under the viaduct…all the bellwethers of good barbecue are in effect.

This barbecue house is to be featured in the upcoming documentary “For the Love of Meat”.

At 17 years of operation, it’s still quite new but the good reverend has been learning the trade since the 1950s and he is a master of the craft.

It’s difficult to ride to Taylor Texas and not eat at Taylor Cafe or Louie Mueller’s but Davis Bar-B-Q is simply not to be missed

400 S Robinson St

Taylor Texas



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