In 1946 Taylor, Texas looked quite a bit different than today.

Neither of the iconic barbecue restaurants; Taylor Cafe nor Louie Mueller had opened their doors, Sixteen year old Flo Kruger was the 4th of July Beauty Pageant Queen and Governor Coke R. Stevenson was tending to the affairs of the state down the road a piece in Austin. Meanwhile due north of downtown Taylor, construction began on a burger stand with car hop service in the 1300 block of Hwy 95. The structure would host a number of businesses over the next 65 years but it really hit it’s stride when Cactus Rose came along in the late 90s.

Hank Sr.’s wailing low and lonesome, barmaid Eva is prowling along the bar making sure nobody’s getting out of hand and I’m settled in nicely with a cold can of Busch chatting amiably with Homer, a retired rancher enjoying an afternoon of complimentary chili dogs and dirt cheap Lone Star beer.

I don’t make it up to Taylor too often but when I do I always duck into Cactus Rose for a cold beer and some good Texas hospitality. With Austin’s old timey honky tonks steadily vanishing it’s nice to see a good thriving beer joint just a quick 30 minute sprint up the road.

1300 S State Highway 95

Taylor Texas


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