The men are all wearing cowboy hats, Bassmaster caps or some sort of covering for their head. Wrangler jeans are the pants of choice. The smell of griddle cooked hamburgers and tobacco smoke fills the air. Although a trip down to Austin only takes 30 minutes it might as well be a million miles away. I love Taylor Texas but as my heart belongs to Cactus Rose when it comes beer drinking time, Saturday was the first time I’d ever visited Moe’s Lounge.

A Pearl Light will set you back $1.75, there’s a couple teevees if you’re into that sort of thing and everybody will be glad to hear from you.

Time was when Austin had plenty old timey beer joints like Moe’s but they’re all just about shuttered now.

Where are y’all going to throw dominoes, have a Pall Mall and an ice cold can of Pearl these days?

1119 North Main Street

Taylor Texas



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