Update 11/10/12 Happy 89th Birthday to the old pit boss Vencil Mares. We just read via Gloria Corral that today is the legend’s birthday.


Vencil Mares was born on November 10, 1923. Twenty five years later he was home from the war and looking for work, which is how he begin learning the smoked meat trade at Southside Market in nearby Elgin. Folks from all over the world get on giant airplanes and fly into nearby Austin Texas so they can make a pilgrimage to the hallowed ground that is Mr. Mares’ Taylor Cafe.

For many this is where the barbecue conversation starts; in a 104 year old building under the viaduct and down by the railroad tracks.

Of course others claim that Louis Mueller Barbecue is the one true mecca of Taylor with a totally different set of eaters holding Davis Grocery as the genuine beau ideal.

Where do you get your barbecue in Taylor Texas?


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