One popular misconception about Austin dining is that not only does Chicken Fried Steak abound through the city,but it is cheap and it is delicious. Truth be told, much like barbecue, if you want the good stuff you’re going to have to take a trip.

To Blanco.

To a bowling alley. A couple years ago I was determined to find the best chicken fried steak in Central Texas. I found it at the Blanco Bowling Club in downtown Blanco on the town square. There, the good country folks running the humble cafe have developed the paragon of the form with a luscious, perfectly cooked cfs that has no peer in Central Texas.

But sometimes you have to eat lunch in Austin…and you want chicken fried steak. Which is what led me to The Stallion Grill on Airport Boulevard

The Stallion is named after an iconic Austin eatery on North Lamar that shuttered back in the eighties. If you talk to people of a certain age in our city they speak with reverence of spending an evening dancing to Jerry Jeff at the old Split Rail then finishing off the evening by tamping down the alcohol with a huge, perfectly cooked chicken fried steak at The Stallion.

The current version is not tasty. The house cut fries are delicious, the seasoned cabbage is quite good but the cfs is pitiful. Breaded long ago, stored long ago then fried to order this steak is eligible for it’s AARP card.

I like the Stallion and I’ve eaten there a lot over the years but their cfs will not cross my lips again.

Where are y’all getting your chicken fried steak these days?

5201 Airport Boulevard

Austin Texas



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