I’m compiling what I hope will be a massive list of Austin bars and restaurants that are doing the right thing and offering a good array of Live Oak and Real Ale brew on tap.

I’m biting off way more than I can chew on this project and need your help.

What Austin bars are y’all hanging out at that are pulling the handles of local drafts?

Let’s go ahead and include Circle, Jester King, 512 and any other local beer makers.

I’m really excited at the prospects of Adelbert’s opening this year too.

Once you’ve responded in comments below I’ll add your contribution to the list.

1] I’ll get the ball rolling by mentioning Lovejoy’s Taproom as they not only offer plenty Live Oak and Real Ale but they’re also a hidden treasure as they employ one Todd Henry, a brewer savant with a rabid following amongst local beer aficionados.

Lovejoy’s Taproom

604 Neches St

Austin Texas




2] Thunderbird Coffee on Manor Road has a handful of taps with Live Oak, 512 and Real Ale all represented

Thunderbird Coffee

2200 Manor Road,

Austin Texas




3] In Central Austin one of the oldest pint houses in town has been soldiering along since 1968.

Draught House Pub & Brewery

4112 Medical Pkwy

Austin Texas




4] Cherrywood Cafe is a good place to knock back a local pint or two. Since they added Chef Kevin Jackson to their staff the food has risen several notches. Plenty local beers on tap

Cherrwood Cafe

1400 E 38th 1/2 St

Austin Texas




5] Billy Forrester is a local legend. His formula of cold beer and pub grub at prices that won’t break you down and leave you disheveled in the street, has carried him to notable success at Waterloo Brewing Company, Dog & Duck and now Billy’s on Burnet. Plenty local taps are found here.

Billy’s on Burnet

2105 Hancock Drive

Austin Texas



6] Zax Restaurant and Bar [ formerly Zax Pints and Plates ] is one of my favorite places in town to get a Bacon Bleu Cheese Burger. They have a wall of taps with plenty Live Oak and Real Ale. A curiously deserted patio makes this a nice place to lay back with a pint and soak in some peace.

Zax Restaurant and Bar

312 Barton Springs Road

Austin Texas



7] Randall Stockton’s East Side takeover continues apace with The Grackle [ formerly Primo’s Icehouse ]. Two of the Eastside’s better bartenders migrated here from Rio Rita so the service is actually professional. Odd layout to the room but a good selection of taps mitigates that nicely. Ask barkeep Aaron Reed to match your beer with the food from East Side King, the Japanese food cart in the parking lot.

The Grackle

1700 E 6th St

Austin Texas



8] Nomad on the upper east side of Austin filled in a big gap in the Windsor Park neighborhood. With all the young money moving into the neighborhood it was only a matter of time before somebody backed a truck filled with leather furniture and polished woods to the door of a rundown plaza and built a bar. Which is how Nomad came to be. Not a lot of taps but always a Live Oak and a Real Ale to go with their other selections.

1213 Corona Dr

Austin Texas



9] more to come, hope to get about fifty sources up in the next couple months

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