While my heart will never be wrested from La Reyna, every now and then I have to free myself from the embrace of the Queen and sample her competition.

The Tex Mex restaurants that dot the landscape of South First street range from the sublime [ Habanero Mexican Cafe ] to the pitiful [ Polvo’s ] with most places falling somewhere in between. Little Mexico falls into this middle zone.

When I eat Tex Mex my first query is always the same
“which of the tortillas are homemade?”, with no workers at Little Mexico having the skill or energy to make them from scratch, the business uses a purveyor.

With that being said, the combination platter, known colloquially about town as “The Mexican Plate” was quite good. The taco, enchilada and tamale had all received the benefit of skilled hands in their construction.

While Little Mexico will not be vying with La Reyna for best Tex Mex restaurant in Austin anytime soon they are respectable.

2304 S 1st St


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