Saturday June 4th 2011 Pit Boss John Mueller will be smoking brisket at Boggy Creek Farms for the Foodways Texas “Up In Smoke” party.

Jesse Griffiths will be roasting a whole feral hog as well. Most public Austin food parties I attend are colossal bores but something tells me this could be a good one. At $65 bucks a pop it’s certain that the riff raff will be kept out, meaning I won’t be there. I do look forward to reports though.

Want to see some first class brisket porn? Check out comments below for a link to photos of a nubile young brisket off the smoker of one John Mueller.

I’ll put up a hot link in comments below that will take you to the ticket vendor too.

All food and drink is included in the price. No promise is made that Mr. Mueller won’t dust you off in the parking lot if you refer to his moist brisket as “fatty” however.

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