I eat way too many burgers. I like the thin, flat griddled patties at Sandy’s Custard. I like the charcoal burgers at Top Notch up on Burnet Road. I like the old timey burgers at Mike’s Pub in downtown. I used to love to ride my bike down to Del Rio and eat wood-fired burgers at TB’s.

Making my own burgers at the house is so involved I have to get my meat grinder, scales, clarified bacon fat and cake flour out before I even consider doing it. Then there’s the Dogwood burger. As a piece of architecture it’s pretty impressive with all the fried green tomatoes, chile con queso and slab cut bacon. But none of that would matter if it didn’t taste so good.

I always look at it and think “there’s no possible way I can eat that thing”. Then I eat every last bite. Of course it helps that I’ve sworn off french fries that aren’t hand cut, the only chink in Dogwood’s armor I’ve found so far.

Where are y’all eating your burgers these days?

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