Out near the Mueller Development Mr. Bones is the only barbecue source for the inhabitants of the vast planned community.

I circle around the complex in which it resides so I can have a conversation with the old salty dog pit boss who’s sure to be sitting out back on a stump near the big brick smoker drinking a Pearl, reading a Louis L’amour cowboy book and staying on top of the brisket and sausage. No pit.

No crusty old prospector looking pit boss.

No smoke billowing off a post oak fire.

No big pile of Pearl cans.

No dominoes table covered in cigarette burns.

No hope.

I reckon modern, pit free barbecue has come to Austin.

Who’s been to Mr Bones?

Who is Mr. Bones?

Why does a barbecue restaurant not have a barbecue pit?

1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd


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