Another weekend another crawfish boil.

Molotov Lounge put out 400 lbs this afternoon as a cold front pushed through blowing a nice dose of cayenne pepper in my eyes as I made a couple photos.

I have a high bar for the boil and this one was top notch with genuine heat coming through in the form of jalapeno as well as the blasted cayenne.

Crawfish was sourced from Fiesta Mart.

I don’t get by the western end of 6th street too often but Molotov Lounge is a nice space with a large rooftop patio commanding a view of Hut’s as well as a print shop across the street.

The boil was most assuredly a success as there were hundreds of people eating, drinking, dancing and socializing as a much needed cool breeze broke from the west.

719 W 6th St


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