It all started with the french fries.

The precipitous decline of Casino can really be traced to sheer laziness.

It takes a certain degree of effort to push a potato through a commercial grade cutter.

It takes zero effort to tear open a bag of frozen fries, dump them in a fryer and just sort of call it a day. At some point the kitchen at Casino lost its’ way. The beautiful, delicious, potato-based french fries gave way to some awful, french fry-like frozen food product.

That got the ball rolling and it’s been a long, downhill slog for the rest of the menu ever since.

Of course it’s no longer a viable place to eat but I still like to run by there once in a blue moon and listen to the jukebox and have a stiff cocktail.

And I still have many fond memories of eating those formerly incredible fries dipped in shallot mayo with a perfectly cooked Chicago burger.

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