I’ve been amazed at how long it’s taking for restaurants to sprout up around the Mueller development.

With all the money living in this inner suburb I figured the perimeter would be awash in bars and restaurants catering to all the folks living in this densely populated compound. Contigo is up and running. They aren’t officially open but crowds of people are rolling in here nightly and that’s without a breath of advertising.

The chef appears to be dead serious as the menu is chock a block with house made charcuterie. Can not wait to get by there and delve into the sausage part of the menu.

The bar is offering several local drafts: Live Oak, Real Ale, St. Arnold’s, 512, Thirsty Planet as well as craft cocktails.

It’ll be interesting to see how they balance their popularity vs being over run by hordes of dogs and children running pell mell through their restaurant.

That’s what ultimately crippled Cherrywood Cafe.

2027 Anchor Ln


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