A few years ago I realized I had to make a change. If I was going to be able to keep on eating all the cake, pie and donuts I wanted, I was going to have to figure out how to get a chunk of sugar out of my diet or I’d be dead from the diabetes by the time I was 40.

Since I drink upwards of ten cups of coffee or tea per day-every day I reckoned the 30 or so teaspoons of sugar I was consuming via beverage.could be dialed down a notch or two with an alternate sweetener. I tried Splenda and that shit almost killed me. I’m a biker and I lost all ability to shift gears on my motorcycle, something I’d been doing on dirt and street bikes since I was a young country buck.

I eliminated the Splenda and my motor skills came back within a week.

Then I decided to try Stevia. I reckon it must have been at Bouldin Creek Coffee House the first time I ever sampled this herbal sugar substitute. They used to have little packets of it on the sugar stand for the hippy love weed smoking naturalists that used to frequent Leslie’s old joint before she evolved into becoming a full service restaurant.

Stevia is delicious. I make my own soda pop and drink it all summer long. Juice of one lime, one bottle of Topo Chico and 5-6 drops of Stevia and you have a handmade 7-up without all the corn syrup that puts you on an express train to diabetes.

You can also add a jigger or two of rum or cachaca and have a delicious libation if the mood strikes you.

I’ll put up some pertinent links in comments below so you can decide if Stevia might be a good alternative to sugar for your coffee and what have you.

As the beastly Austin summer approaches I’m going to delve more deeply into refreshing, hot day elixirs.

I’d love to hear from you regarding what you drink on a 110 degree day in our fair city

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