I came for the music and stayed for the cinema.

Like many Austinites, the music scene is what magnetized me to the city of the Violet Crown, as O Henry famously referred to Austin, but it was the world class film scene that’s maintained my love and fascination of our town.

Violet Crown Cinema is a blink and you’ll miss it little joint on the western end of 2nd street in the zone that the movers and shakers are desperately trying to reinvent as Little Dallas. Following in the footsteps of Alamo Drafthouse there will be a plenitude of food and drink to partake of while you watch your subtitled art house fare.

Food: We can’t predict whether it will be a miserable affair or of the utmost deliciousness but they are offering pizza, hot dogs, french fries, cake balls and perhaps most intriguing a cheese plate from Antonelli’s. Since Antonelli’s has no bad cheese this is the one sure thing on the menu.

Drink: I love that they refer to Stevia as an “artificial sweetener” on their cocktail menu. It’s the most natural sweetener on the market, is plant based [ stevia rebaudiana ] and has been a major player [ 40 percent market share ] in Japan since 1970.

I am however greatly impressed by their good selection of Live Oak and Real Ale beers on tap with 8 handles between the two companies.

I’m consistently amazed at Austin bars that have a bevy of tap handles and no Real Ale and no Live Oak. It’s a disgrace.

While all this makes good fodder for conversation it matters little to me in the end. I’m happy to munch on a smuggled in Zero bar as long as they’re booking some compelling cinema.

They’ve definitely got a tough row to hoe in that department as Austin has some world class bookers at Austin Film Society, The Paramount and the Drafthouse Ritz.

434 W 2nd Street


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