It’s rare that I wish Austin bars had a dress code but last night at Swan Dive was altogether too much.

It’s a nice room and an entirely different style than Austin is used to but the men folk that had come out looked like they may have just briefly left a hobo camp on Waller Creek to come up to Swan Dive to take a piss and have a swig of water from the Gott jug on the end of the bar. Lots of short pants, shower shoes and backpacks.

On Saturday night.

In a club.

That’s purportedly “nice”.

My friend Laura, the Italian, said it best: “If you can’t get dressed up to come to a cocktail lounge on a Saturday night when can you get dressed up?”

By dressed up she meant long pants and man shoes.

The women folk were all nicely attired in dresses and stilletos so that was a soothing balm to the whole homeless camp vibe.

The interior is pure white with lots of old wood, subway tiles and cushy leather booths for canoodling.

615 Red River Street

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