Earth was finally turned on Austin’s Waller Tunnel project which has been in the daydreaming-about-making-Austin-cool-like-San Antonio stage for over ten years.

The scruffy bars that have lined the beat up old shooting gallery that is Waller Creek will soon be a distant memory.

Beerland is reportedly going to be reinvisioned as Wineland, a chi chi tapas bar with long haired guys playing Andre Segovia tunes on their 12 string guitars while leggy beauties nibble on vined capers and drink Gruet. Just for old times sake enter the Waller Creek greenbelt up around MLK and walk it south to Cesar Chavez. Put on some headphones and listen to the Butthole Surfers or Cherubs, pass out one dollar bills to all the hobos you’ll come across. This is just another part of vanishing old Austin that you need to experience so you can tell your kids tales of your reckless glory days before Emos was transformed into a Lone Star Roadhouse.

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