When I’m not cooking barbecue, taking pictures of barbecue, daydreaming about barbecue or writing barbecue recipes, I’m reading about barbecue.

I’ve been lucky enough to pursue and eat all sorts of barbecue: Kurdish barbecue, Basque barbecue, Jewish barbecue, Hillbilly barbecue, Coastal Carolina barbecue, Hungarian barbecue, Dutch barbecue….the road goes on forever and the barbecue never ends. But sometimes it’s satisfying to just lay back and read about barbecue. Sort of a marshalling of reserves if you will.

Gathering your forces for when the time will come to eat more barbecue.

While the usual suspects like Chowhound or Roadfood dabble in a little bit of barbecue sometimes you have explore the niche internet sites that mainly concern themselves with meat. The smoking of-eating of-and celebrating of-meat.

Which is how I came across the website Amazing Ribs [ see Craig Goldwyn ] and
http://www.amazingribs.com/one_nation_under_sauce/austin_barbecue.html this
article about the Austin area and the wonderful smoked meat shrines of Central Texas.

It’s not definitive, there are some mystifying inclusions like Rudy’s Country Store and Barbecue, a nationwide chain as well as local chain County Line but sometimes it’s nice to view Austin barbecue through the prism of an outsider.

What’s your favorite barbecue in Central Texas?

What do you think of corporate barbecue like Rudy’s, Dickey’s and County Line?

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