I posted my Burgoo recipe over on my favorite food site: Roadfood and it provoked some interesting comments. The link is :
http://www.roadfood.com/Forums/Slow-Difficult-Recipes-Part-2-Authentic-Kentucky-Burgoo-Recipe-m646474.aspx here

I think what I’ve written about Porrusalda in the past is also salient to Burgoo. Burgoo has a thousand fathers each claiming primacy. While some hold that mutton is integral to the dish others claim that mutton is not necessary but without grouse it simply is not burgoo.

I cooked for a catering company based in Baton Rouge a few years back. Firestorms of gumbo controversy were regularly touched off on simple ingredients like Bay Leaves, Okra, Tomatoes etc with each camp claiming that the addition or subtraction of said ingredients effectively rendered the dish “not gumbo”. Here’s a link that illustrates just http://www.burgoo.org/burgoo/recipes.html that

And another link talking about the big fire I built in my backyard a few days ago when I began making this years batch of burgoo

http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/4/14/In-The-Spring-A-Young-Mans-Fancy-Lightly-Turns-To-Thoughts-Of-Burgoo here

In Alabama, where I also cooked for a living a few years ago controversy raged over Camp Stew with each of the dozens of camps claiming that the addition or subtraction of lima beans, sweet corn, pork shoulder etc either made the dish authentic or effectively rendered the whole kettle moot.

I’m sure we could fire up different contingents on Slumgullion or Brunswick Stew as well but at the end of the day the only thing that actually matters is how does it taste?

Watching a hungry crowd plow through 12 quarts of my stew Saturday night was all the affirmation I needed.

“Authentic”, will always be up for debate as a simple internet search yields 45,500 recipes, each claiming to be genuine.

Empty giant kettle with dozens of satisfied people milling about?

No debate necessary.

Comments below will have a hotlink to explore the world of burgoo recipes.

45,500 of them so start cooking right now.

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