Love it, hate it or be deeply ambiguous about it, our daily newspaper, the Austin American Statesman still swings some weight in this old town. While the Austin Chronicle might drive 3 or 4 people to your business with a favorable review, the Statesman can send dozens.

Dozens. Which can be a game changer for a small food operation like Three Little Pigs, the nose to tail food cart from local-legend Raymond Tatum.

I’ve been eating there since the day he opened in the back parking lot of East End Wines at the confluence of E. 11th St and Rosewood Avenue.

The comparisons to the more famous Odd Duck are obvious. A talented chef, working primarily with pig and locally sourced ingredients, cooking at a high level at prices that beggar the imagination.

Everything is $4-7, it is delicious and it is cooked to order while you wait.

I love East Side King but it’s easy to sort of scratch at their menu and spend 30 bucks whereas you can totally run the table at Chef Tatum’s cart for the same price.

Mike Sutter’s piece in the daily actually has some merit it to it. Raymond’s pig skin graft is duly noted and mention is made of how worthless the Small Business Administration has become. Of particular interest is the cost breakdown of how much dough you’ll need if you want to follow in Tatum’s footsteps and open your own cart.

It ain’t cheap.

The trials of becoming a small business owner are notated and the story gains traction as the author and chef visit Richardson Farms, a pork operation in Rockdale Texas.

Three Little Pigs is one of my top 5 carts in Austin. A little main stream media attention might be just what it takes for it to become wildly successful like Odd Duck or East Side King.

A link to the article is in comments below.


Open 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays.

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