At this time of year I run myself ragged on the weekend going to as many crawfish boils as possible.

Most are good, some are pitiful and then there’s the big one; the “Elizabeth I’m coming to join you” one that my Txoko brothers put on each Spring.

It gets better each year but it’s now reached such a stage of refinement that I really don’t see how it can be improved upon. Food: Round one is a huge vat of Red Beans and Rice with top flight Andouille. Round two is Burgoo from this author’s kitchen. Round three is 30 or so pounds of sausage from the finest meat houses of Western Louisiana as well as a who’s who of Central Texas hot gut manses. Of course the main is multiple rounds of highly seasoned crawfish with all the fixins: Potatoes, sausage, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and corn on the cob. Southern bell Stephanie, who’s been featured on this site in the past, contributed a very fine lemon chiffon with homemade lemon curd as a sweet and happy ending.

Drink: 120 pints of ice cold Live Oak Pilz, multiple handles of all the liquor you could dream of wanting as well as innumerable bottles of wine procured from East End Wines, the best wine house in Austin.

As this site concerns itself with food we won’t get into the music, suffice to say the last 80 or so years of the best New Orleans has to offer pushed us along our journey.

While it wasn’t a true Txoko it was still a spirited affair and a fine way to spend a Spring evening in the great state.

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