Starving and ready to branch out from my normal delicious meal I have at La Reyna I venture a bit deeper into Bouldin Creek to try out the new food trailer court catty corner to Once Over Coffee Bar.

Every cart is closed although signs of life are here. I can hear people rummaging about inside Grill Haven and am tempted to roust the cook and see if I can get some chow but decide against it.

I dug up the operating hours

601-603 W. Live Oak

M: 9am – 3pm

TU –TH: 9am – 6pm

F: 9am – 8pm

SA: 9am – 9pm

SU: 9am – 3pm

These are probably a rough guide to when they’re open as they definitely weren’t operating when I visited.

I think they serve sandwiches, wraps and tacos. I’d love to hear from someone who’s tried this trailer.

601-603 W Live Oak St

no phone

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