I have a long held love for Mexican bars. Before the era of beheadings in Mexico arrived I spent many a pleasure filled evenings in the cantinas of Northern Mexico. Some of my fondest memories are of riding my bike into Coahuila or Chihuahua states and eating real tacos, drinking real beer and hanging out with mi compadres.

Those days are of course gone but there are still a few Mexican bars in Austin where you can relax with a beer and a taco and watch El Tri on the big screen.

Like Iron Horse Bar and Grill over on Airport Boulevard in East Austin.

Cold, cheap beer.

Delicious, cheap tacos.

Good group of hanger outers that make you feel at home.

Run on by the Iron Horse and spend an evening hanging out with the crew of Mexican bikers that like to congregate there.

Tell ’em scrumptiouschef sent you.

1141 Airport Boulevard

512-926-6616 ?

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