Like a lot of the best barbecue joints in Texas, Cele Country Store has exotic operating hours opening a few hours Friday night and then going into hibernation til the next weekend.

While the history of the store goes all the way back to 1891 the modern meat lineage can only be traced to the last half century. That’s when owner Marvin Weiss [RIP] decided to start smoking sausages on Friday afternoons to feed the farmers who gathered to drink a cold beer and relax at the end of a hard work week. Brisket and ribs arrived shortly thereafter and the community was blessed with some very fine barbecue til 2007 when Mr Weiss passed away.

That could very easily serve as a coda for the business but thankfully Mr Weiss’ grandson decided to try his hand at being a pit boss and has carried the store forward into the new century.

The Cele community can be thankful for Brandon Fuchs and all his hard work at carrying on the family tradition.

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