He’s being honored for his creation of Odd Duck Farm to Trailer and the execution of an all local menu, the first of it’s kind for a food cart in Austin.

By ramping up the game in Austin, Chef Gilmore has done every eater in town a favor.

We want our grits and they better come from a grits tree that grew out of good Texas soil. We want our pork and it better come from a pig that was slaughtered in a backyard in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood.

We want our Brussel sprouts and we want them grown hydroponically in Clarksville.

If you even think about tearing open a bag of frozen french fries and dumping them into a fryer you might find yourself on the business end of an old rusty shank.

We want it local, homemade and we want to eat it hunkered down in a gravel parking lot. Not sitting in an air conditioned dining room with waitrons hovering about.

Chef Gilmore has left Odd Duck in the care of his brother.

He is now at Barley Swine, a seated restaurant with a roof, chairs and restrooms.

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