I’ve dropped by R&G Bar-B-Que in McMahan Texas a couple times over the years on the way to Waelder but never managed to find them open. Well, I finally got lucky, or smart [I called]and managed to try some of their barbecue.

Incredible. Outside slice brisket was smoky with a good run of fat indicating a well fed steer had given his life to the cause.

Sausage was lean and finely ground. I’d love to see if their sausage source would be willing to make a batch of old time Texas hot guts.

If you want to try old school Texas barbecue then make a little run 42 miles south down to McMahan and set a spell inside R&G’s restaurant.

It’s fine indeed.

FM 713 @ Wizzerville Rd.

McMahan Texas



Open Tues-F 10-7

Sat 10-3

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