I eat a lot of tamales.

Like any good lover of Mexican food I have a secret source who works out of her home kitchen and flys under the radar unless you’re friends or family.

But sometimes I’m on the road and the freezer is empty and I have to branch out and try another tia’s tamales.

And sometimes fortune smiles.

Escaping the SXSW hordes of Austin we’re rolling up hwy 95 in Elgin when I spy a big truck with a tamales banner flapping in the spring breeze. Autonomic responses being what they are, we whip in and pick up a dozen hot porks and are soon on our way.


MarLira Creations makes one of the finest tamales I’ve ever sampled. Huge, truly spicy and $9 for a dozen.

I’ll put up a hotlink to their website in comments below. Elgin’s about 14 miles from Austin and these tamales are well worth the trip.

P.O. Box 291

Coupland Texas


Phone: 512-791-2295

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