I spend a lot of time in New Orleans. 2010 found me there on 5 separate trips, admittedly nary a one was longer than 5 days but I’ll make do with a handful of nights and days any chance I get.

America’s only European city has held me under it’s sway since I was little kid on vacation with the parentals, crabbing in Lake Pontchartrain, exploring the French Quarter and eating our way across the city. While I love the Times-Picayune, New Orleans daily paper, it’s the Gambit, the weekly, that I read religiously and a large part of the reason is Ian McNulty, their food writer.

In spite of dozens of visits over the years it seems like McNulty is always able to turn me on to a spot I’ve never heard of in a neighborhood I didn’t know existed.

I was ignorant of Terranova’s Supermarket til he clued me in.

Tag’s Deli over in Chalmette? Never heard of it til I read McNulty.

Joe Sepie’s out on Jeff Highway had managed to escape my scrutiny til I read his piece in Gambit.

If you’re a New Orleans food lover and like to hit the under known places then read comments below for a link to his archive on the Gambit website.

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