Getting a great bowl of guacamole in Austin Texas is not easy. With over two hundred Mexican restaurants in town, all of them serving a “version”, you would be forgiven for thinking our city is rife with perfectly made, delicious guacamole.

You would be wrong.

The main problem most places in town suffer from is that they make a giant bowl of the stuff in the morning and just dip down in it over the course of the day.

Some less than savory restaurateurs actually introduce sour cream or mayonnaise into the guacamole as an extender. I dearly love both of these products but I don’t want them profaning my avocados.

There’s only one restaurant that I know of in Austin that makes it per order. El Zunzal over on Calle Street in East Austin. When you place your order an avocado is skinned, transformed and brought to table whereupon it is set upon by the ravenous eaters.

Although I love nothing more than a slow, difficult recipe it’s simply not necessary in this instance.

Here’s my simple, easy formula for making a delicious batch of scratch guacamole Ingredients

2 each Avocados, Haas is the dominant cultivar in these parts

1 each Shallot, medium, minced

2 each Lime, juiced

1 t. Coriander, ground

1 T. Salt, Kosher or sea


* Cut avocados in half and scoop out flesh

* Place in medium, wooden bowl

* Pour lime juice over flesh

* Roughly mash

* Add Shallot, Coriander and Salt

* Mash more


Delicious guacamole is at the ready.

This is a really basic version but it allows the flavor of the avocado to star the show.

Other items one may consider adding are: Chopped tomatoes, Minced cilantro, chopped jalapeno chile peppers, black pepper, hard boiled eggs [favored by Salvadorans]or perhaps finely minced Texas Sweet Onion [the ones labeled 1015 in the market].

Of course to take your guacamole to the next level you’ll need a couple quarts of Peanut oil and a big cast iron Dutch kettle so you can fry your own totopos from scratch.

It’s incredible what a difference this makes. I like to run by Fiesta Mart, score a 30 bag of fresh corn tortillas, cut them into 1/4ths and make my own totopos from scratch.

Lightly salted, sputtering with fat and bathed in freshly mashed avocados, this makes one of the finest Tex Mex appetizers you can dream of.

Bon Appetit


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