Even after almost 20 years in professional kitchens I’m still picking up tricks and techniques from some of my friends who are skilled home cooks.

Such is the case as I sit to dine at my buddy Ron’s house in verdant Pflugerville Texas.

He’s a retired insurance adjuster and an enthusiastic home cook who can bang out a top notch smoked pork shoulder and bottles his own righteously fiery Tex Mex table salsa with loads of jalapenos.

We’re having a fish fry and he’s anxious to show me his rice pilaf recipe and technique.

It’s incredible. There’s an overload of flavor and I’m eager to find out exactly what it is that’s powering this strange concoction.

Here’s Ron’s recipe with just a little touch of my own doing

Cajun Green Onion Rice


1 c. Rice, good, long grain, not parboiled

4 oz Butter

1 bunch Onions, Green, Minced

2 each Bouillion Cubes, Chicken, Maggi brand

2 T. Blackening Seasoning [I keep a batch made up to have on hand] recipe follows

Water, municipal


* Melt butter on low heat for 10 minutes til butter is lightly browned

* Saute’ green onions in brown butter for at least 15 minutes

* Add rice

* Saute 10 minutes more

* Add Blackening Seasoning

* Mix thoroughly

* Add 2.5 c. water

* Bring to boil

* Add bouillion

* Stir thoroughly til cubes are dissolved

* Reduce to simmer

* Cover, simmer for 15-20 minutes, lifting lid at halfway mark to stir

Voila. This will make an extremely wet and flavorful rice. As a non-bouillion using chef I was surprised at how delicious this came out.

I’ve always thought of bouillion as being the hallmark of a lazy cook. One who doesn’t want to take the time to make a scratch batch of stock, but this recipe is dynamite.

It provides a perfect bed for a nicely cooked fish filet or could be used as a vegetarian side dish.

You may omit the bouillion and substitute 1 T. of soy sauce.

Blackening Seasoning Recipe aka Bayou Blast

1 T. Paprika

1 T. Black Pepper

1 T. White Pepper

1 T. Garlic Powder

1 T. Onion Powder

1 t. Cayenne

2 T. Corn Starch [prevents clumping]

* Combine all ingredients thoroughly and store in Tupperware

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