An ancient, perhaps from the 1800s, slaughterhouse stands on highway 25e midway between Corbin, Kentucky and Barbourville, Kentucky.

When I was a kid, it was called Campbells’ and it was where my family took our steers and hogs for slaughter when the Fall of the year came.

A change of ownership has a new family in charge of the business but the basic thrust of the business is the same.

Have you killed a deer or elk and need it professionally dressed?

Do you have a steer or a hog and want it killed and dressed?

Or perhaps you just want to buy a ribeye, pork shoulder or what have you.

Then this is your spot.

Whenever I go to visit my family in the area this is where I go to load up on meat.

It’s always of a good quality and reasonably priced.

6070 N US Highway 25E

Gray, KY


[606] 528-5733

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