When I fulfilled a lifelong dream last summer and spent three weeks in Hungary, one of my my main goals was to eat as much Mangalitsa as possible.

Carefully counting 11 stops from the airport on the subway I eventually came to downtown Pest and walked up the cement stairs towards the city.

The first thing I saw was a giant poster with a Mangalitsa emblazoned across it.

I immediately procured a kilo from a local market and cooked it up in my apartment so I could snack on it during my stay. It’s incredible, buttery rich, satisfying and tasting elementally of pig.

Today’s New York Times has a wonderful article on Mangalitsa and therein I read the following quote by Dr. Ernest Hollo, a Hungarian emigree’ who has settled in New Jersey to raise Mangalitsa.

“I used to tend to farmers’ animals, and I took payment in Mangalitsa belly,” he said. “In Hungary, Boy Scouts didn’t make S’mores. They would take a slab of Mangalitsa, put the fat over the fire and drink the sweet fat as it melted.”

Oh to be a young Hungarian Boy Scout quaffing pure Hog fat rendered over an open flame in beautiful rural Hungary!

Hotlink to New York Times article is in comments below.

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