About the photo Home of the world famous Texas Chewie Pecan Praline, Lammes has been serving confections since 1878.

I’m a mark for old joints and Lammes is among the oldest in town.

I’ve been in their store numerous times at all hours and there is always a line, it may be modest or it may snake down the sidewalk outside but there’s always a line.

Around Valentine’s Day they hire a cop to stand inside the store to make sure the patrons don’t get too rowdy while they wait for their praline fix.

Act up and you may find yourself on the business end of a Taser instead of a Texas Chewie.

When you move 2000 pounds of a treat that’s this good each day you’d better have some law enforcement on your side or things could get ugly quick out here in the Great State.

5330 Airport Blvd

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