The secret is to start with a chile Poblano or perhaps a chile Chilaca. By upgrading your chile you’re now standing on a base of deliciousness far superior to the lowly Bell.

Stuffed Chile Poblano Peppers

This is the revised version of a recipe I devised for one of our Txoko (Basque supper club) food parties. The trial run was merely good. Which is nowhere near good enough. I want each recipe I publish to be the best version of that dish that any person ever tasted. I’m confident that the recipe below will make the best stuffed pepper you ever put in your mouth.


4 each Poblano, Chile, roasted

2 c. Rice, long grain, cooked

4 oz. Alligator, sausage patties, smoked, minced

4 oz. Livers, Chicken

4 oz. Gizzards, Chicken

1 each Bunch, Green onions, giant, minced

1 each Garlic, Head, minced

1 stick, Butter

4 each Eggs, from a hen out in the country

1 each Can Tomatoes, whole peeled, 12 oz, pureed in blender

3 T. Soy Sauce


* Melt butter by heating large cast iron pan

* Add livers, gizzards

* Cook thoroughly mincing the meat with heavy spatula

* Add alligator, garlic and green onions

* Cook 15 minutes

* Add cooked rice, mix thoroughly with meats, crack eggs into rice

* Cook eggs with rice mixing frequently til mixture is creamy

* Add pureed tomatoes

* Add soy sauce

* Cook ten minutes

Method part 2

* Stuff peppers with rice mixture

* Place in casserole pan

* Roast for 30 minutes at 300 degrees

Voila! Cajun style stuffed chiles are ready for consumption

Some folks like their stuffed peppers to include a cheese topping. I’m not among those people but if you’re of a mind just add your favorite grated cheese to the rice mix 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Bon Appetit Y’all

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