While the lads in our gastronomic society are all hale hearty good fellows with big appetites, I did manage to bring home some fresh alligator leftovers from our most recent food party.

I’ve been daydreaming about this gator meat in my fridge for the last couple days so when it came time to make my morning tacos, inspiration came hard and fast.

We eat a lot of tacos in Austin Texas, so when you’re dealt a hand of gator you might just end up turning it into gator tacos. Here’s my recipe for Alligator breakfast tacos.


2 each Eggs, brown, from a hen in South Austin

4 oz Gator meat, cooked on a wood burning grill, diced

1/2 each Poblano chile, roasted, chopped

2 T. Cream, heavy, whipping

1 T. Fat, Bacon, melted

2 each Tortillas, corn or flour, your choice

1/2 c. Cheese, Queso Salvadorena, grated




* Heat cast iron pan with bacon fat

* Add chiles and gator meat

* Add pinch salt and twist of cracked black pepper

* Let cook til gator is starting to crisp up

* Add eggs which have been lightly whipped with cream

* Let set up a bit, then fold inward with wooden spatula

* Gently form curds of eggs turning pan off when halfway cooked

* Let residual heat from pan continue the cooking process

Spoon gator/egg mixture onto warm tortillas, sprinkle cheese over the top. I had some really good salsa from Los Altos in my fridge and this went really well on these tacos but they are so good salsa is not necessary.

Bon Appetit Y’all

RL Reeves Jr

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