It was a long time coming, but I finally scored the major cast irons of the women folks of my mom’s side of the family. Serious cooks with names like Nellie, Hazel, Wilma and Mariah’s cast iron finally came home to roost in my cupboard here in Austin, Texas. A far piece from where these pans originated in Virginia and Kentucky by way of the old country.

I don’t always have time to build a big fire in the backyard to cook my ribeye, so I’ve devised a way to cook a respectable one indoors in the comfort of my tiny kitchen on my old gas cook stove.


1 each 16 oz Ribeye, Choice is fine but if you’re a high roller go with Prime

Coconut oil

Salt, Sea or Kosher

Pepper, Black, Cracked, Fresh

Butter, Parma, Fat Pat


* Rub the steak down thoroughly with coconut oil, a great high heat cooking oil

* Thoroughly salt and pepper the steak creating a nice thick crust

* Heat pan on medium for 10 minutes

* Crank the heat to high for 3 minutes til the pan starts to glow

* Introduce the steak to the pan

* It will make a tremendous amount of smoke, be aware of that

* After 3 minutes turn steak over and turn pan off

* Let steak cook for 4 minutes more

* Remove from pan, put pat of butter on steak, tent with foil, let rest 10 minutes

This method will yield a steak that is roughly medium rare. There are lots of variables coming into play like fat content of steak, heaviness of cast iron, intensity of cook stove.

Your steak is now ready to eat. It probably won’t be that much better than the best ribeye you’ve ever had.


Bon Appetit Y’all!/RLReevesJr

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