When my buddy Cowboy Dave rolled back into Texas from a recent sojourn in Wisconsin, he had a major score for me: A jug of maple syrup from a small concern in his home state, the dairy and maple capitol of America. I immediately set about perfecting a French Toast recipe so I could do this woodsy nectar justice. The result follows:


2 each Texas Toast, slices

2 each Eggs, from a hen out in the country if at all possible

2 T. Cream,heavy,whipping

1 T. Frangelica liqeur

4 oz Butter, Parma

Maple syrup


The night before you’re going to make French toast set the bread out on the counter so it can stale overnight. That may not make sense but it really improves the texture of the final product.

* Whip eggs, cream and Frangelica together in a wooden bowl

* Thoroughly dredge French Toast in egg mixture

* Heat cast iron on medium

* Add half Parma butter and let sizzle til lightly browned

* Place Texas toast in hot pan

* Cook 90 seconds per side

* Plate French toast

* Top with Parma butter

* Drizzle with Maple syrup [ I have a really light hand on the drizzle cause the good stuff is as precious as gold ]

Voila! The maple and hazelnut liqueur achieve a symbiosis that is far greater than the sum of their parts. The result is divine. The best French Toast I’ve ever eaten

This dish goes best with an ice cold glass of whole cow’s milk

Bon Appetit Y’all

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