It seems so simple. Crack a couple eggs, throw them in a pan, scramble them around for a few minutes and a meal is at the ready.

But like most things in life, attention to the small details often gains one big rewards.

Scrambled eggs are a prime example. They can be transcendent when treated properly by a skilled cook. In my life as a chef, I’ve cooked thousands of eggs. I’ve worked for two very busy breakfast houses where it was not uncommon to go through several hundred per shift. Yet I still love cooking eggs.

Here’s my recipe for the best scrambled eggs you will ever put in your mouth.


2 each eggs, room temp, preferably from well-tended hens out in the country

1/4 c. cream, heavy, whipping, fresh and non-pasteurized if you can get it

A pat of butter, I use Parmigiano Reggiano butter, it’s the best I’ve found




* Heat cast iron pan on medium

* Add butter

* Let cook for a minute or so til the butter is lightly browned

* Lightly salt pan

* Add eggs which have been whisked with the cream

* Swirl pan to evenly distribute eggs then do nothing for several seconds

* When eggs begin to “set up” gently fold them towards center of pan with big wooden spatula

* Swirl pan again so uncooked eggs are introduced to the hot cast iron

* Gently fold eggs inward again

* Remove pan from heat

* Allow residual heat from pan to thoroughly cook eggs

* Plate them and crack pepper over them if you’re of a mind

At this point you will have the best eggs you’ve ever eaten. As a southerner I like to serve them with patties of good sausage, slab cut bacon, buttery grits, Angel biscuits…they go well with anything.

Bon Appetit Y’all

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