One of my first restaurant jobs was as a pastry chef at a bakery in Birmingham, Alabama. I worked the graveyard shift creating cakes, pies, tarts, tortes, and what have you for the morning service.

My favorite co-worker, Stephanie, was a talented chef who loved to show up for work carrying her latest creation. My favorite dish of hers’ was an incredible linguine dish with ripe tomatoes, good cheese, lots of olive oil and plentiful shrimp.

I’ve modified the recipe a little in case a vegetarian may occasionally look about this site in search of sustenance. I’ve appended the shrimp part at the end for the gourmands.


1 lb Linguine

1 c. Olive oil, the best you can afford

1 bunch Green Onions, giant

1 bunch Dill, fresh

3 each Tomatoes, chopped, locally grown if at all possible

1 c. Cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino

Pepper, White

Salt, Sea


* Thoroughly process green onions and dill in cuisinart with oil

* Bring large kettle to boil with salted water

* Add linguine, cook til al dente, drain, place in large bowl

* Working with warm pasta add infused oil til each noodle is coated

* Toss thoroughly with chopped tomatoes and grated Parmigiano

* Grind white pepper over the dish to your liking

* Sprinkle with a little salt

I like to let this dish sit on the counter for a bit, tossing every 15 minutes or so so the flavors can develop

If you desire you may add sauteed mushrooms to this dish to give it more heft

Please serve this dish with fresh baguette which is particularly helpful to dredge up the last few tidbits of sauce and pasta

Voila! Delicious vegetarian food is at the ready

Appended for shrimp lovers:

* Fill large kettle with salted water and 4 large,halved lemons

* Bring to boil

* Add 1 pound shrimp, 50 ct is fine

* Cook til barely done

* Add to above finished pasta recipe

Voila! Delicious pescatarian food is at the ready!/RLReevesJr

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