Chorizo and Potato Breakfast Tacos Recipe

In Austin, Texas we eat a lot of breakfast tacos. But if local bad guy Tom Ramsey has his way this may become a thing of the past. Til then we’ll revel in this Tex Mex delight til the gendarmes come and drag us away from our favorite taco truck kicking and hollering.

Even though good breakfast tacos can be had for under a dollar hereabouts, sometimes it’s still fun to make them at home. You only need a handful of ingredients and perhaps 10 minutes of time and you can be sitting down to a delicious Austin, Texas style first meal of the day.


2 each Eggs,from a farm out in the country if at all possible

1 T. Cream, Heavy,Whipping

1 link, Chorizo, Spanish, Air dried, minced

1 each, Potato, Redskin, Cubed finely

4 each, Tortillas, Corn





* Heat 10″ skillet with a little oil

* Add cubed potatoes

* Add 2 T. water, cover immediately, let cook 2 minutes

* Remove lid

* Add chorizo, cook til lightly crisped, perhaps 1 minute

* Whip eggs in separate bowl with cream

* Add to chorizo/potato mixture in hot pan

* Cook til just set

* Season with salt and pepper

* Spoon into warm corn tortillas- El Milagro is a good market brand

* It’s traditional for each taco to have two tortillas-helps structurally

* Top with salsa

Voila! Sit on down and peer off into the distance towards Austin,Texas. Take a few bites of your delicious taco and pretend like you’re at the Tamale House over on Airport Boulevard. You’re .92 cents richer for not stopping by Bobby’s breakfast taco palace and Austin’s crowded and hot. Yep, it’s better that you’re not here. Nothing to see here really. Just enjoy your taco.