Here in Austin, Texas the iterations of enchiladas are endless in all their glory.

We’ve had crab enchiladas in golden tomato butter reduction, carne molida enchiladas in chile seca sauce, roasted chicken enchiladas in sour cream sauce…and about 100 other variations on the enchilada format.

Whenever we need inspiration in the kitchen We just drive up the street to Fiesta Mart (our neighborhood mega super market) and walk through the seafood and produce section analyzing what looks the most appetizing.

The bright pink salmon beckons so we ask the seafood lady for a sniff. She obliges and the wonderful aroma of freshly sliced watermelon has us immediately reaching for our money. We walk over to the nearby produce section and pluck some fresh goods for a quick sauce and head back to the house.

Here’s what transpired back in the kitchen:


2 lbs Salmon, the fresher the better

6 each, Tomatillas

4 each, Poblano Chiles

1 each, Giant Green Onions, bunch

1 each, Cilantro, bunch

1 c. Stock, Chicken

1 c. Cream, Heavy Whipping

20 each, Tortillas, Corn

1 lb, Cheese, Grated, White, Jack, Provolone, Mozzarella-your choice, a nice white

Method: Part I * Smoke salmon for two hours (I use a Weber grill, building a small fire on one side out of hickory and placing the salmon on the cold side)

* Char tomatillas and poblano chiles under broiler in oven til nicely blackened

* Pulse in food processor along with green onions and cilantro

* Add stock, pulse til sauce consistency is reached

* Pour into saucepan, add cream, bring to boil, be careful as sauce will try to climb out of pan

* Simmer for 15 minutes Method:Part 2

* Heat comal (cast iron pan) on high til hot

* Using small amount of oil cook each tortilla for ten seconds per side * Make stack of cooked tortillas

* Remove salmon from smoker, chop coarsely

* Pour skift of sauce in bottom of casserole pan (I use a 9×14 Corning Ware)

* Roll 2 T of chopped salmon into tortilla forming a tube

* Place in casserole

* Repeat til casserole is filled with little flutes of salmon stuffed corn tortillas

* Pour Verde sauce over the assemblage then top with grated cheese

* Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes

* Place under broiler and broil til cheese is nicely browned

This is a classic one dish meal much like a King Ranch Casserole. Typical Texas household side dishes for this might include a big bowl of fresh fried totopos with a homemade salsa, rice simmered in chicken broth and/or pinto beans. We usually forego the side dishes and just hunker down over a big plate of these delicious enchiladas.

Bon appetit y’all.

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