Out here in Austin,Texas the prevalence of queso in all its glory often has me wondering if it might start coming out the faucet when I go to wash my hands at one of our two hundred plus Mexican restaurants in the city.

It’s everywhere.

To the point where you really don’t even have to look at the menu when you walk into a new joint. If you want queso. you just ask the waitress when you sit down, much in the same way other people around the country might ask for a glass of water or tea.

Tex Mex Queso

Tex Mex Queso

The queso will be brought out forthwith and it will be good.

I have a lot of queso recipes floating around in my head but one is so simple and easy that I’m actually loath to share it. Generally speaking, quick and simple is not something I do. I enjoy spending vast amounts of time in the kitchen but occasionally the other [non food related] parts of life rear their ugly head and you have to go off food to tend to the lesser parts of existence. Simple Queso


8 Oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese

12 Oz Rotel Tomatoes/Green Chiles


* Heat Rotel in sauce pan

* Add cream cheese

* Heat til cheese is creamy and mixed with tomatoes and chiles

Serve with fresh fried tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream or use as a sauce on pasta or rice.


“When making cheese sauce, we add 4 grams of sodium citrate for every 100 grams of finely grated cheese and 93 grams of water or milk.” Modernist cuisine cheese sauce

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