My grandma Doll is a cipher to this day. Her dying before I was born doesn’t help matters any.Whereas I have a big collection of my mom’s mom’s recipes I have nary a one of my dad’s mother.

I’ve been meaning to rectify that and this is the start.

Back in the 60’s when my dad was a young buck the winters in Kentucky were quite a bit different than they are today.

It snowed.

A lot.

Up in the Billy holler that meant one thing;time to make some snow cream.

I grew up eating it myself and as it was snowing in Austin last week it set me to thinking.How many people have eaten or even heard of snow cream?

The ingredients are simple.So simple any kid can make it.Good milk,sugar,vanilla and a giant bowl of freshly fallen snow are all you really need.

Unless you’re Grandma Doll. She made a stovetop custard for her snow cream and incorporated chocolate into it for a sort of rural Neiman Marcus-esque luxury version.

I’ve been plumbing the cobwebs out of my dad’s recollections recently and have now assembled a recipe for snow cream Grandma Doll style.While it’s not truly her recipe since we have the same blood flowing I reckon it’ll serve just fine. 1 Cup Sugar

2 Eggs

2 Cups Milk

1 t. Vanilla

3 T. Cocoa powder

A giant tub of snow


*Beat Eggs

*Add Sugar

*Mix well

*Add milk,vanilla and chocolate

*Bring to boil in saucepan

*Cool it down

*Combine with snow

*You may want to let it set-up in the freezer a bit but I never had the patience.I’d just eat it the way the mountain folks did.

As fast as I could get it in my mouth.

Bon Appetit!/RLReevesJr

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