Preface: I was born to cook, eat and write. This site began it’s life as a Southern foods and Tex Mex recipe database but has grown into a documentation of the Austin, Texas restaurant scene.

The following article is written by the administrator of scrumptiouschef.

At least once a year, the scrumptious chef pays a visit to our house in Loveland, Ohio and we always create an incredible feast.

This past summer, fish tacos with homemade salsa and Mexican pearl rice was the featured entree. The ingredients for this occasion came from Jungle Jim’s, which is a Midwestern Mecca for fresh, high quality, exotic foods.

After our pilgrimage to Fairfield, OH, and a stop for appetizers at a local Mexican dive, we traveled back to Loveland with a well thought out plan. My kitchen isn’t going to be featured on the food or travel channels any time soon. I have limited space as well as pots and pans.

When we cook, the scrumptious chef asks me for at least a dozen bowls and 4 or 5 kettles to use for the creation of his masterpiece. Being the bowl and kettle neophyte I am, his requests result in multiple bowl and kettle washings while the food is being prepped.

Despite these setbacks, scrumptious chef went to work. First, he created a corn meal mixture with multiple spices (if I tell you I would have to kill you) to coat the tilapia. The fish was then fried in peanut oil, which gave it a flavor I have not experienced before.

I am not a fan of anything fried, but this fish was out of this world. Four year old children were eating it like candy and asking for more! And the rice? It was cooked to perfection with butter, green onions, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper…and possibly some secret weapon that escapes me.

With fresh cilantro, lime juice, rice, my (our) salsa, and grated cheese, this meal goes down as one of the best I have ever eaten. Thanks again to scrumptious chef.

We will do it again soon.

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